2020-2021 Board of Directors


rmohiberRennie Mohabir, MBA, RT(R)

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY

In my 20+ years of experience in Interventional Radiology most of the positions I’ve held have been in leadership roles. My extensive background and proven track record includes leading large teams of over 200 staff, designing and opening new state of the art Radiology departments, leading process improvement projects, etc. At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, we have one of the largest IR departments in the nation. Performing more than 22,000 procedures annually and growing at a rate of 5%-7% per year. This does not include the renowned work done in our IR Research Lab. Our accomplishments are all credited to our incredible team. One of my primary goals is to have technologists seen and respected as clinicians, which we are well on our way towards at MSKCC. The AVIR is the key to help achieve this goal across the nation. In the NYC area, the AVIR is not well known. My first step towards overcoming this challenge was the creation of the NYC Chapter in October of 2018. Despite my position, I remain an IR Tech at heart. In a profession where career paths seem limited, my passion to elevate technologists by providing relevant continuing education and creating different career paths, will not change. I believe the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my career will benefit the AVIR and will complement the continued growth and excellence in our profession.

Immediate Past President

Michael Kelly, RT(R)(VI)(RCIS)mkelly

Riverside Regional Medical Center
Newport News, VA

Having worked in a multi-disciplinary department (IR, Vascular, Cardiac, and Neuro) for over 11 years, I fully believe that the AVIR is a valuable resource to all of those in the world of Interventional Medicine. I have had the privilege to serve as Director at Large for the last couple of years and am extremely honored to now have the opportunity to represent this amazing society in the role ofVice President. As a member of the AVIR board of directors, I look forward to continuing my passion of providing relevant educational opportunities that reflect the always changing field of Interventional Medicine. I also look forward to creating opportunities for the professionals in our field to network with one another, through meetings on the local and national level and through social media, in order to help provide the best patient care possible and help provide public awareness of all the life changing treatments our field provides.

Program Chair

Jessica Borges RT(R)(VI)

Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville, FL

Jessica graduated from Mayo School of Health Sciences Radiologic Technologist program in 2015. She began working in Diagnostic Radiology, and also began the IR internship offered at Mayo Clinic. She was then hired and has been working as an VI certified technologist in IR for 5 years, assisting in exams within IR, NeuroIR, and assisting the Vascular Surgeons in the OR. Jessica has also become a clinical instructor for the internship, precepts new employees, participates as the Wellness Champion, and is a member of the Commitment to Safety team in her department.

Jessica has been a member of AVIR since 2018. Since joining she started a local chapter in Jacksonville, Florida and joined the Website Committee as well as the Educational Committee and continues to help create the Directed Journal Readings for CE credits. In 2020, Jessica became the Program Chair and is planning out our virtual meeting for March 2021.


Diane Forbes, RT (R)(VI)(RRA)(RDMS)

Emory University
Atlanta, GA

Radiologist Assistant and Experienced Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiographer and Sonographer with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in X-ray, Central Lines, Medical Devices, U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). Strong healthcare services professional with a Master of Imaging Sciences focused in Radiologist Assistant from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Vice President/President-Elect


Sandra Strycker, BS, RT(R)

UW of Wisconsin Health Hospital & Clinics
Madison, WI

Sandra Strycker graduated from Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin Program of Radiology at the University of Milwaukee- Wisconsin in 2008. She was employed at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for 10 years, where she received the Spotlight Award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. In 2016, she pursued her career as a Neuro and Body Special Procedures Technologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospital where she is currently employed.In 2017, she joined the AVIR as Secretary Treasurer. She served one term as the Secretary Treasurer before moving forward as a member on the Outreach Committee. The Outreach Committee is comprised of various members who collaborate together to develop promotional/ marketing material, as well as grow Chapter start-ups and AVIR membership. Her dedication to the Interventional Radiology field is evident through her commitment with AVIR and patient care. "I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us as IR technologists in a fast paced, medically advance field."

Director at Large

hsmithHannah E. Smith RT(R)(VI)

Riverside Regional Medical Center
Newport News, VA

I graduated from the Radiography program at Riverside School of Health Careers in 2001. For 13 years I worked as a Diagnostic Radiographer, but always knew that I wanted a career in the field of Interventional Radiology. In 2013, I made the move to the Cardiovascular/Interventional Radiology lab at Riverside Regional Medical Center, in Newport News VA, where I am currently employed as a Multimodality Technologist. In our combined lab, I help to cover Cardiac, Vascular/IR, and Neurointervention procedures. I also have the opportunity to precept new employees and participate in PI programs to help improve patient care and departmental efficiency.I have been involved with the AVIR since 2013 and the Virginia Program Chair for the past two years. I am currently the Virginia Chapter head and most recently I was appointed to the AVIR Education Committee, where I contribute directed readings and test question for AVIR members to access through the AVIR website.Continuing education is vital to a person’s growth and development in the IR field. I am very passionate about this, since our field is ever growing and changing. I look forward to serving as the AVIR Director at Large, promoting Chapter growth, and being a resource to our members.

Corporate Liaison


Dana Bridges Kanfoush

Greensboro, NC

I started my own company a few years ago and am selling for multiple manufacturers, including several wonderful companies that I have represented since 2004. In this arena, I have tried to use my experience as a sales rep to create custom sponsorship programs and build AVIR’s base of corporate support. A few of my professional accomplishments include being a published author in journals (i.e., Developmental Psychology & The Sport Psychologist), periodicals (i.e., Nephrology News & Issues), and a developmental psychology text book (Social Development in Childhood and Adolescence: A Contemporary Reader). I have been a proud AVIR board member for many years and hope I can continue to support the people who have supported me throughout my career.

Publication Chair

ddouthetDavid Douthett, RT(R), CV

Chesapeake, VA

I have been involved in Interventional Medicine since X-Ray School when we were using Schonander Film Changers and had to pull the patients on a wood board, which was sitting on the X-ray table. It has been many Angios ago. After working at 3 different Hospitals and several different clinics for 20 some years, I ended up in the commercial end of the business. Again 3 different commercial companies, to be currently working at W.L. Gore & Associates with in the Endovascular end of the business doing the EVARs and TEVARs. I keep my license current as you always want to leave a back up plan at hand. I have been active in the AVIR since 1993 and have been the Publication Chair since 1995. I have had the pleasure of working with alot of great folks over the years and look forward to every year. This is hands down the best thing I have ever done and I love doing it.