2020-2021 Committees

Education Committee Chair

Jessica Borges RT(R)(VI)

Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville, FL

Jessica graduated from Mayo School of Health Sciences Radiologic Technologist program in 2015. She began working in Diagnostic Radiology, and also began the IR internship offered at Mayo Clinic. She was then hired and has been working as an VI certified technologist in IR for 5 years, assisting in exams within IR, NeuroIR, and assisting the Vascular Surgeons in the OR. Jessica has also become a clinical instructor for the internship, precepts new employees, participates as the Wellness Champion, and is a member of the Commitment to Safety team in her department.

Jessica has been a member of AVIR since 2018. Since joining she started a local chapter in Jacksonville, Florida and joined the Website Committee as well as the Educational Committee and continues to help create the Directed Journal Readings for CE credits. In 2020, Jessica became the Program Chair and is planning out our virtual meeting for March 2021.

Education Committee

Adam Lichaa RT

Fairfax, VA

Adam Graduated from ECPI University from the Radiologic Science program in 2012. He accepted a Diagnostic position in December of 2012 with the University of Virginia and completed a CT program shortly after, he then decided to join the Charles J. Tegtmeyer School of Interventional Radiology and special procedures. In 2015 he started working at Inova Fairfax where he climbed the clinical ladder and became one of the Clinical Coordinators. Adam currently is one of the Clinical Instructors for Inova Fairfax's Vascular Interventional technologist program. He enjoys helping educate and train students and staff, so he can share his passion and knowledge with everyone

Outreach & Chapter Committee AND Awards & Fellows Committee

Andrew Stryker RT(R)(VI)(ARRT)

Froedtert Hospital
Wauwatosa, WI

Andrew graduated from the University of Wisconsin Hospital of Madison program of Radiologic Technology through the partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2010. In March of 2011, Andrew was accepted into the Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin's Interventional Radiology Internship. At the time it was a six month long Interventional Radiology educational immersion program. In June of 2012, he was hired full time in Interventional Radiology at Froedtert Hospital. In September of 2012, he earned his Interventional Radiology accreditation. He joined the AVIR in 2014 and has ten years of experience in Interventional Radiology with a focus in Neuro-Interventional. 

During his tenure at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, Andrew has been involved in many committees including: Staff Engagement, Interventional Radiology Practice Council, Clinical Workflow Committee, Integrated Surgical and Interventional Platform Committee, and more. He has been a Clinical Preceptor of newly hired personnel, Interventional Radiology Interns, and Interns from the School of Radiologic Technology. Andrew also maintains the department's Intranet Page for the Hospital and helps design and maintain content for the Interventional Radiology's SharePoint page.

Andrew has attended the past AVIR Annual Meetings in 2016 through 2019 and has participated in his local AVIR Southeast Wisconsin (SEW) Chapter's Annual Spring Symposium since 2014. He is excited to be a part of both the Outreach and Chapter Committee and the Awards and Fellows Committee. He hopes to spur membership growth within the Association, expand Interventional's public awareness, and acknowledge the great work of all Interventional Radiology technologists.  

Education Committee

Josh Kramer, RT(R)(VI)(ARRT)

Clinical Applications Specialist – IGT
Clinical Services, Diagnostic Imaging and Image Guided Therapy
Philips North America

A graduate of the Charles J Tegtmeyer School of Interventional Radiology and Special Procedures at the University of Virginia in 2013, Josh has vast experience from IR, to Neuro, Cardiac Cath, to EP.  Josh was a travel technologist before joining Philips Healthcare as a Clinical Applications Specialist in 2018.  His knowledge of multiple modalities and drive to always learn has helped him be successful and his passion for teaching has helped him pass this success to other people he has crossed paths with.  He is very passionate about our profession and ensuring the security of technologists’ expert role in the lab for years to come by encouraging them to further their education and pursue credentialing.  Josh also serves on the VI Board Exam Committee with the ARRT.

Education Committee

Annie Heatwole RT(R)(VI)(ARRT)

Fairfax, VA

Clinical Coordinator, Vascular and Neuro Interventional Radiology
Program Director, Inova Health System IR Technologist Internship Program

Annie graduated from the Charles J Tegtmeyer School of Interventional Radiology and Special Procedures in 2008 and has been an Interventional Radiology Technologist at Inova Fairfax Hospital ever since. With 13 years of experience, Annie has extensive training and a vast knowledge in vascular, neuro intervention, stroke and aortic intervention. Throughout her tenure at Inova, Annie has been a clinical preceptor, created a career advancement platform for her fellow technologists, launched multiple hybrid suites, aided in the creation of an Aortic Response team and started an internship program for the Inova Health System. The internship program identifies diagnostic radiology technologists who are seeking career advancement and educates them through a 10 month process of lecture, skills labs and hands on training. Annie’s passion for education has always driven her professional goals and is excited to serve AVIR on the Education Committee.

Program Chair

Bill Greear, MBA/MHA, RT-R(CV)

Novant Health
Huntersville, NC

Interventional Radiology Manager

Bill is a graduate of the Charles J. Tegtmeyer Program of Interventional Radiology and Special Procedures, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, VA.  Upon graduation, Bill was part of an elite team of technologists, nurses, and physicians who used cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques and image guidance to achieve excellent patient outcomes.  From there, Bill accepted a supervisory position at Novant Health Presbyterian, Charlotte, NC, where he expanded his IR experience and remained for 8 years. It was here that Bill joined the AVIR in 1994 and has remained active ever since.  His experience along with his dedication to the field of Interventional Medicine encouraged him to seek out a board-level position within the AVIR.  Bill has served in every AVIR executive board level position including program chair in 2006 when the AVIR first went to Toronto, Canada.  Along the way, Bill received his Masters in Healthcare Administration and Business and now enjoys a Radiology Leadership position with Novant Health Radiology.  His commitment to Interventional Radiology has not wavered through the years and he remains excited about innovation, technology, education, and most importantly, quality patient care.  Bill is honored and reinvigorated to be selected as the AVIR 2022 Program Chair and looks forward to a gathering of highly specialized technologists and a successful meeting.