2023- AVIR and ARIN are back together in Phoenix for the Annual meeting at SIR.

2022- Finally -- AVIR is back in person in Boston at the Seaport Westin in Conjunction with SIR. AVIR also launched a new Learning Management System.

2021- The Pandemic continues -- AVIR did a 2nd year of Virtual/Zoom Meetings!

2020- AVIR goes virtual! For the first time -- the AVIR pivots the annual meeting to a virtual Zoom Webinar and begins growing a video learning library offering credits throughout the entire year. AVIR also hired a new management team from Well-Assembled Meetings and Associations - Julie Vissers became the new Executive Director & Launched a redesigned website and logo.

2019- Pandemic hits the US -- SIR and the AVIR Annual Meeting Canceled!

2018- AVIR celebrates 30 years!

2008- AVIR celebrates 20 years!

2004- AVIR yet takes another step in getting better prepared for the future and they set up with a professional management organization, Droham Group Management.

2003- The AVIR PVD educational CD is sponsored by Boston Scientific. AVIR celebrates 15 years!

2002- AVIR signs a management agreement with SIR.

2001- RSNA gives notice that they will no longer be our management company and the SIR steps in to manage us moving forward. Dr Brian Stainken takes over as our Physician Liaison.

2000- AVIR supports legislature for CARE Act to bring licensure to all fifty states. We introduced the AVIR Cardiovascular CD online study guide for the CV exam.

1999- 10 year Anniversary Celebration!

1998- AVIR establishes the Gold Medal Lecture Award, a major accomplishment this year along with a total of 20 Chapters.

1997- Developing scope of practice standards with ASRT. Also developed a Policy and Procedure manual for the association. The first AVIR Fellows are endorsed: Dennis Bair, Thomas Burke, Carol Mascioli, Mary Kay O'Brien, Sherry Stefina, and Shari Ullman. The AVIR now has 18 chapters. The newsletter goes quarterly.

1996- Membership grows to 1,218 with members in 46 states, Canada, Uruguay, and South Korea. Local chapters are now up to 17 organized chapters. The AVIR newsletter receives an official name, Interventional Informer. The completion of one year or qualifying the 1st Award of Excellence goes to Joyce Moses BSRT R CV.

1995- Member recognition programs implemented: Fellows Membership Category and Award for Excellence, cosponsored by Nycomed. Annual dues are now up to $25. The newsletter has a new publication chair, David Douthett RT R CV, and produces 4 newsletters. Dr Gregory Joseph is appointed the Physician Liaison.

1994- AVIR now has 8 sponsoring corporate companies. The newsletter now comes out twice this year and has a 40 page issue.

1993- Bylaws and policies adopted, completing a three year commitment to set in place a sound organizational structure. They are initially published in the winter edition of the AVIR Newsletter. The annual dues are $12.50. The AVIR now has 10 local chapters.

1992- AVIR's Board structure realignment is proposed this year to increase member involvement. Through chapter growth and committee participation, the creation of Committees is put into place. After a year in between successful annual meetings, the board creates an Annual Meeting Chairperson.

1991- The AVIR Board of Directors explores developing relationships externally with allied health care groups and medical companies. The Board continues preparations for the future success of the organization by beginning drafts of bylaws and policies to provide structure and historical perspective. The 1st AV