The Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers (AVIR) was formed in October of 1988 by a group of technologists in Minneapolis, MN. For the past 35 years, AVIR has evolved into a nonprofit, national organization that supports Radiologic Technologists and allied health professionals within the vascular and interventional radiology environment.

As an organization, we strive to improve health and the quality of life through the practice of vascular and interventional radiology, while providing strong leadership and the development of superior education for its members. The AVIR's mission is to grow, advance, and continue education in the area of vascular and interventional radiology and to promote professional growth and the socioeconomic stature for AVIR members throughout the medical community.

Over the years, AVIR has been dedicated in providing exceptional education and support to our membership through several avenues including Directed CE Readings, Online Self-Paced Lectures, Annual Meetings, Online VI Workshops, Discounts to affiliated meetings, and our newest addition of education including our Angio Club offering CE credit on hot topics in the field of IR.

Not only do we provide the resources for our membership to achieve their credits for their biennium, but we also give our members the opportunity to be an active member of the Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers. Membership within AVIR expands internationally including our latest members in Tanzania. Those individuals that have an interest in elevating their careers are encouraged to apply for one of our sought-after volunteer positions with our board of directors or committees.

The AVIR recognizes that inclusion enables the power of diversity. We appreciate the views, values, and ideas of those from different cultures. We aim to empower and celebrate all of those that want to be involved in the AVIR to continue to foster a culture where everyone is welcome

Each fall the AVIR promotes vacancies within our organization which we look to our members to fulfill. If you are ready to step up in the field of Interventional Radiology, please reach out to a current member for more information or see avir.org for more information.

AVIR's annual meeting has awards to congratulate outstanding technologists and physicians. If you have someone in mind we highly recommend you nominate them for the following awards:

    • Shari Ullman Gold Medal Award
    • AVIR Fellowship Award
    • AVIR Award of Excellence
    • President's Award of Educational Excellence

Please see avir.org/honors throughout the year to submit your nominations! AVIR would be honored to award those that have shown their dedication, commitment, and contributions to the field of vascular and interventional radiology.