AVIR Honors

We Honor You for your Dedication to our Field


Each year at our annual meeting, we honor Shari Ullman and her contributions to our society by awarding our Keynote Speaker this award. Shari's dedication to our field inspires all of us to be better.

GOLD MEDAL Award Recipients

2019 -Kieran Murphy, MD, BAO, BCH, FRCPC, FSIR

2018 Dr. Wael Saad

2017 Dr. John Fritz Angle

2016 Dr. Michael Dake

2015 Dr. Jafar Golzarian

2014 Dr. Barry Katzen

2013 Dr. Gary Siskin

2012 Dr. Alan Matsumoto

2011  Dr. Buddy Connors

2010  Dr. Wayne Yakes

2009 Dr. John Aruny

2008 Dr. David Hunter

2008 Mary Kaye Obrien

2007 Dr. Donald Denny

2006 Carol Mascioli

2005 Dr. Brian Stainken

2004 Dr. Sehan Senler

2003 Thomas Burke

2002 Dr. Curtis Bakal

AVIR Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is presented annually by the AVIR to one outstanding Interventional Radiographer each year at our annual meeting. The prestige of this award lies in the fact that the winner is nominated by his or her peers. This person represents the best of all we stand for as professionals, colleagues, and patient care advocates. If you know someone that stands out and should be recognized for going the extra mile each and every time please fill out the application on their behalf.The application does not have to be completed by an AVIR member, but by anyone who feels that the nominee goes above and beyond the call of duty and demonstrates a dedication to his or her job and profession.

The recipient of this award will be honored at our annual meeting in Austin, TX, and featured in our Annual Meeting Newsletter. Additionally, their registration fee for the conference and accommodations will be waived. The recipient of this award will be announced in February, and all submissions are due by January 1.

2018 - Izzy Ramaswamy, MS, RT, R, CV, FAVIR - HCA PLANTATION FLORIDA

2017 Debra Barnes

2016 Rita Howard

2015 Mike Kelly

2014 Anne Kubasiak

2013 Roberto Telleria

2012 David Baires

2011 Stephen Haug

2010 Heidi Apfel

2009 Juan Mancera

2008 Rebecca Lassiter

2007 Patricia Crane

2006 Jaime Nodolf

2005 Viki Allenbach

2004 Sandra Dixon

2003 Leona Benson

2002 Sharon Misler

2001 Marie Shodle

2000 Gene Maziarski

1999 David Hall


The AVIR Fellowship recognizes Interventional Radiographers who demonstrate a continuing pursuit of excellence in the IR profession. The commitment begins at the hospital level, moves on to the local AVIR chapter and escalates to your commitment at the national level. The application employs a point system to evaluate the contributions of the candidate in three areas: Personal qualifications (education, experience), contributions to the AVIR (national and local chapters), and contributions to the profession (other than AVIR). Once the minimum amount of points is reached, an application may be submitted to the Fellowship Committee for review.


2014 Robert Sheridan

2012 Izzy Ramaswamy

2010 John Mancera

2009 Diane Koenigshofer

2009 Melissa Post

2008 Viki Allenbach

2007 Darlene Crocket

2006 Joni Schott

2005 Deborah Sepinski

2005 Bill Greear

2004 Leona Benson

2003 Sharon Misler

2003 Anita Bell

2002 Betty Ashdown

2001 James Matthews

2001 Karen Finnegan

2000 Michael Tom

1999 Sue Smith

1997 Kathi Clark

1997 Joyce Moses

1997 Meredith Gaiter Brown

1996 Sherry Stefina

1996 Mary Kay O’Brien

1996 Carol Mascioli

1996 Tom Burke

1996 Dennis Bair