ACE Application

AVIR is an ARRT-recognized CE Approver as well as a nationally recognized provider of continuing education for technologists through its Approval of Continuing Education (ACE) system. Through ACE, the AVIR approves continuing education activities for credit and provides its members with a computerized transcript documenting participation in any of the programs annually offered nationwide by the AVIR.

  • Submit complete applications online. Incomplete applications cannot be considered and/or may cause a delay in your approval.
  • Application processing:
    • Typical – Depending on the type of application, allow 2-4 weeks for processing.  Please plan accordingly.
    • Rush – Applications received less than two weeks before the activity’s start date will be assessed a rush fee of $100.  Rush applications will not be considered without first contacting the AVIR admin team ( to confirm availability for rush processing.
  • Types of Activities:
    • Synchronous events – involve real-time interaction between qualified presenters and learners, such as live presentations or webinars. This interactive and real-time learning experience involves the speaker delivering information verbally, often accompanied by visual aids such as PowerPoint slides, video clips, or other multimedia elements. Participants have the opportunity to engage with the content, ask questions, and interact with the speaker, fostering a dynamic and immersive learning environment.  Participant attendance must be monitored.
    • Asynchronous events – includes recorded webinars, home study, or materials accessible on-demand, either printed or online. A post-test must be administered to verify participant completion.
  • Applications for Synchronous events must include:
    • A copy of brochures, flyers, or other promotional materials
    • All speaker CVs combined into one single document
    • Abstract and at least three learning objectives for each lecture
    • A copy of the program’s agenda with speakers’ names listed
  • Applications for Recorded/Enduring/Self-Study events must include:
    • All speaker CVs combined into one single document
    • Abstract and at least three learning objectives
    • Documentation of Proof of Authorized Use of Materials
    • Post test questions with answer key
  • Applications for Directed Readings must include:
    • A copy of the published work or articles, to include the issue number and date of the journal
    • Post test questions with answer key
  • Once your application has been reviewed, approved, and designated for credit, your activity/event will be assigned a reference number(s). The contact person listed on the ACE application will receive an approval letter with any special instructions pertaining to the activity, including full course documentation, certificate requirements, and record keeping instructions. To determine its effectiveness, participants should evaluate the activity.
  • The approval reference number shall not be printed anywhere other than on the certificate of completion.

ALL MATERIALS AND PAYMENT FOR THE APPLICATION MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE APPLICATION CAN BE REVIEWED.  Incomplete applications will cause delays and cannot be guaranteed for approval.


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